Ster & Cultuur spot: De hand van de meester

This short Tv-advertisement I made for the Centraal Museum Utrecht. It was for the exhibition of the artwork of the well known dutch cartoonist Paul Teng. He made an historically based comic strip ‘Jan-van-Scorel-Sede-vacante-1523’. It was a real challenge to animate the level of craftmanship and detail that Paul Teng has put in his work.

For more info visite the centraal museum utrecht site:

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Pim & Pom: Het grote Avontuur

This is the leader for the animated feature film Pim en Pom: Het grote avontuur (Pim & Pom: The great adventure). I have been involved with this movie from story boarding to the completion of the animation. It was a truly great experience to have worked on this production with an excellent team of professionals. Also because since my childhood I am a great admirer of Fiep Westendorp, who is the illustrator of the original Pim & Pom story’s.

For more information about Pim & Pom: Het grote avontuur visite this website.

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The 3D Machine: The series!

Today Nintendo released The 3D Machine: The series! The animated series is made for the Nintendo 3DS console. You can purchase the episodes in the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS.The five episodes are produced and directed by Ka-ching Cartoons. I am proud to say that I worked on the series as an animator. For further information and the full credits list I direct you to the 3D Machine page.


There is a nice post about the 3D Machine on So have a look! (It is written in dutch)

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Model drawing studies

These are a set of drawings I still have of the model drawing sessions I participated in this past year. This is an ongoing study of mine, and I have got a lot to learn! These sketches are mostly 5 and 10 minutes poses. Hope you like it!

For more drawings you can visit my flickr acount

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Deepshit is an animated short designed and directed by Martin Draax produced by Photon films. It’s a dynamic film that is full of energy. It uses different techniques like Digital cut-out, drawn animation and live action. I was a part of the cut-out animation and I have made the drawn animation. The poster is of course made by Mr. Draax himself.

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Woezel & Pip seizoen 2

The second season of the popular Dutch children series has played on the Dutch television.  I and a small team of animators have again worked furiously on this new season. You can see some of it in this trailer.

If you want to see more, you can see it  on the third DVD of Woezel en Pip.

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Trammelant in Tandenland

Trammeland in Tandenland is now on DVD. The rough animation is done by me and Digna van der Put. In previous post I showed you some of the artwork of this project (De Tandenpoes). Below you can see the trailer.

This project is produced by Illuster productions and Carambolas and directed by Udo Prinsen. For full credits and cast click here, and there is a trammeland in tandenland site here

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Woezel & Pip

Recently I worked on the animated children series Woezel & Pip. It’s produced By Droomjagers and Illuster productions and Directed by Patrick Raats. It is based on illustrated children-books written by Guusje Nederhorst.

This is the Leader:

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De Tandenpoes

This project is commissioned the GGD and is produced by studio Carambolas and Illuster productions. Here are some of pictures of de TandenPoes:

This project is a series of short films that is intended to show kids the importance’s of brushing their teeth. It will be shown on elementary schools in the Netherlands. The ‘Tandenpoes’ is a cat that has a brush on his tail which he uses to brush the teeth of the animals in the forest. Because he is too busy brushing their teeth the children should learn to brush their own teeth. I’ve done the rough animation together with Digna van der Put. It was a great assignment and I have had much fun with it!

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The flaneur

I like to present a project I’m working on together with Digna van der Put. The story is about a poet who wants to catch the city in a poem. The poet wanders the streets to observe the city and its occupants, when he comes close to discover the identity of the city, It becomes impossible for him to keep his reservations and he is swept into the pumping hart of of the city.

Here is some artwork I made for ‘The Flaneur’.

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